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About Me

About Me


I'm really excited to be a Life Transformation Coach.  My 50+ years of life experience coupled with my Life Coach training make me uniquely qualified to provide objective insights into my clients' lives and help them overcome the obstacles that keep them from achieving their goals.  I get a great deal of satisfaction seeing those I've helped, living their best life.  I've spent 35 years of my life helping others in my career in the medical field. So when I was looking for my 2nd act, coaching seemed to be an obvious choice.


When I'm not coaching I love spending time with my dog doing agility, trying out new recipes in the kitchen and finding fun ways to express my creativity.  I'm very close with my family and have a close circle of friends that I love dearly.  I plan on spending my best years living in the beautiful Coachella Valley in Southern California.  I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you live your...

                                 Best Life Ever!


My Credentials:

Certified Life Coach (CLC) from The Life Purpose Institute.​


35 years as a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant (MA-C) caring for patients in one of America's top 100 hospitals.


My Services

Life Coaching  (All sessions are held online so you can be located anywhere in the world)

Life is a journey where we can end up on the wrong path, in the wrong career and with the wrong people in our lives if we don't have goals and a vision of how our life should be and a plan of action to achieve them.


Life coaching will help you get clear about what you want and what steps are needed to get there.  Together we'll uncover the obstacles that have held you back and learn to gently overcome them.


I can help anyone achieve their goals.  However, I specialize in working with women who find themselves single and want to learn to love their independence & freedom.  I believe when you embrace your independence you'll transform into the person that will attract the right people and right career opportunities into your life. 

Need to transform your life? Career? Relationships?  I can help you with that!  Let's work together to transform your life so you can live your BEST LIFE EVER!


"Your most important relationship is with yourself."




Home Organizing

When your home is cluttered and unorganized it's hard to live your best life. The embarrassment and shame that comes with not wanting to invite guests into your home can create a negative energy. That negative energy can spill over into the rest of your life and keep you from attracting the people that you want in your life.


Your home should be a calm, peaceful sanctuary that supports your inner peace & personal growth.


"A cluttered home equals a cluttered mind."


I can walk you through the process of purging your belongings that don't bring you joy and finding a place for the rest.

You can LOVE where you LIVE!!!

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